Mission & Vision

SiskiyouWorks’s mission is to implement the SOAR Workforce Development plan, together with local employers, workforce and education experts, career and job-readiness strategies that effectively match opportunities with interested students and job-seekers.

SiskiyouWorks operates as a powerful collective impact project to implement SOAR, a technical resource that helps local employment experts to advance employment pathways and job opportunities. Siskiyou County residents can easily access employment and educational opportunities through a web-based portal that connects students and job-seekers to local experts who facilitate career exploration, job training, work-based learning, and job placement.

Siskiyou County recognizes workforce development as the primary infrastructure for economic development. Working-age individuals enjoy stable employment opportunities and incomes, and remain in Siskiyou County using their skills. Businesses thrive and multiply because of Siskiyou County’s qualified labor pool.

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